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Menus for Success is an Authorized Distributor for Mainstreet Menu Systems, and a Registered Defense Logistics Contractor.

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Images that Sell
We understand the value of an effective menu system. Our team of layout specialists are experts at designing a menu system that will increase your sales by using large, colorful images to grab customers' attention and promote high margin items.

Mainstreet has built the largest food image library, with over 2,500 images. Additional images are added on a regular basis. We can also reproduce your professionally shot photography to be used in a variety of applications. For a truly custom look, logos, copy and graphics can be added to a stock or custom image.

Besides having the largest photo library, we also offers the fastest turn around time. Most images can be reproduces, cut for a perfect fit and treated to resist fading and scratching within ten working days or less.

Email us, or phone us at 805-474-6505 for available stock images.


Standard Translites
Mainstreet menu systems accommodate nine standard size translites. Additional sizes are offered for the Mainstreet translite divider kit. Please refer to the full-line catalog or call us for more information on divider kit translite sizes.

"B" Size (fits "A, D" Panels), 10-5/8" x 16-1/8"
"C" Size (fits "A, D, G, N" Panels), 15-7/8" x 16-1/8"
"D" Size (fits "D" Panels), 24-3/4" x 16-1/8"
"E" Size (fits "E, F" Panels), 15-3/4" x 25-1/8"
"F" Size (fits "F" Panels), 25" x 25"
"G" Size (fits "G" Panels), 24-9/16" x 34-1/16"
"H" Size (fits "H" Panels), 25-1/8" x 6-11/16
"N" Size (fits "N, G" Panels), 15-3/4" x 34-1/16"
"P" Size (fits "P" Panels), 6-11/16" x 50-9/16"

Custom Translites
An image, stock or custom, can be reproduced in custom sizes to fit your needs and specific applications. Please have the actual and visual opening size available when ordering. Note that some images cannot be made into a particular size due to its horizontal or vertical orientation.

Translites from your photography
Your professionally shot photography can be reproduced into standard or custom sizes. Simply supply us with a professionally shot 4" x 5" or 8" x 10" film positive or negative. Although 35mm or 2-1/4" film can be used, enlarging may not achieve a high quality, colorful translite.

Adding copy or logos
Copy can be reversed out of stock or custom images. Full color logos can also be added to an image or can be reproduced as a full size translite. Adding copy and logos is available for an additional charge. Email us, or phone us at 805-474-6505 for prices.

Poster Prints for Non-Illuminated Menuboards
We offer the same options for poster prints as translites. However, they are available in 8 standard sizes to fit our Wood Trim Magnetic menu systems. Custom sizes can be produced upon request.

"B" Size 11" x 16"
"C" Size 16" x 16"
"D" Size 24" x 16"
"E" Size 16" x 24"
"F" Size 24" x 24"
"GV" Size 32" x 24"
"GH" Size 24" x 32"
"N" Size 16" x 32"


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