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Menus for Success is an Authorized Distributor for Mainstreet Menu Systems, and a Registered Defense Logistics Contractor.

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Text Strips & Type Styles
The text on the menu panels includes header, listing and statement strips.

Header Strips
Headers describe a section of your menu. They are available in a variety of colors with white letters or black vinyl with an acetate back-up color strip that changes the color of the letters.

Header Vinyl Colors

Listing Strips
Listings designate each menu item and are followed by one or more price carriers.

Statement Strips
Statements are used to describe a menu listing or header.

Type Style Choices
We offer nine different type styles to match the motif of your facility and your own personal taste. Helvetica and Souvenir type styles are available in both standard and italic.

You may prefer to choose one style for headers and one for listings. Too many type styles, however, will make your menu system look busy and difficult to read. If you'd like, a layout specialist can make a type style recommendation for you as part of our FREE layout service.



Acetate Back-up Strips
Adding color back-up strips to change the color o the letters helps emphasize specific parts of the menu.

Colors include:

1. Yellow 6. Grey 11. Mauve
2. Orange 7. Beige 12. Teal
3. DK. Green 8. Red 13. Purple
4. Burgundy 9. LT. Green  
5. LT. Blue 10. Blue  

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