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Menus for Success is an Authorized Distributor for Mainstreet Menu Systems, and a Registered Defense Logistics Contractor.

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1. TRIM: (Please specify: Contempo or Decorator)
Contempo Trim: Available in fourteen colors: black, green, hunter green, blue, yellow, burgundy, teal, purple, red, almond, white, woodgrain, chrome, and metallic brass. Ball corners available in: brass/chrome
Decorator Trim: Marble look trim available in: white, jade, burgundy or teak w/brass or chrome accents
a) Trim Clip: Part # P201097-001 (Clear piece that connects trim)
b) Straight: Part # N/A
c) Corner: Part # N/A
d) Trim Dovetail: Part# P700958-001 (Black piece that connects trim to
the lightbox)
2. Single Dovetail: Part# P201235-001 (Finishes side of lightbox for
trimless system)
3. Electrical Jumper Cord: Part# L507046-001 (3 1/2 inch) (MS Gold)
Part# L507046-011 (25 inch) (Envision)
4. Double Dovetail: Part# P201235-001 (Box to box connector)
5. Door Panel Assemblies: (Please specify size and configuration)
A Panels - 18" x 18"    
AC ("C" size translite)
  Part# A700938-005
Part# A700400-006
A14 (13 line w/Double Header) Indoor
  Part# A700938-002
Part# A700400-004
A15 (full 15 line)
  Part# A700938-001
Part# A700400-001
A5B (5 line w/B translite)
  Part# A700938-003
Part# A700400-002
D Panels - 18"w x 27"h    
D ("D" size translite)
  Part# A700939-008
Part# A700674-001
D22 (21 line w/Double Header)
  Part# A700939-002
Part# A700670-001
D12B (11line w/Double Header & B translite)
  Part# A700939-004
Part# A700672-001
D13B (13 line w/B translite)Indoor
  Part# A700939-003
Part# A700671-001
D8C (8 line w/C translite)
  Part# A700939-005
Part# A700672-001
D7C (6line w/Double Header & C translite)
  Part# A700939-006
Part# A700673-001
E Panels - 27"w x 18"h (Indoor Only)    
E ("E" size translite)
E15 (full 15 line)
E14 (13 line w/Double Header)
  Part# A700939-018
Part# A700939-016
Part# A700939-017
F Panels - 27"w x 18"h (Indoor Only)    
F ("F" size translite)
F23 (full 23 line)
F22 (21 line w/Double Header)
  Part# A700940-005
Part# A700940-001
Part# A700940-002
6. Pictures: See the Translites Section
7. Text Strips: See the Text Strips Section
8. Price Carrier:
Indoor Part# P201230-001 (Standard 1 high - 4 digit)
Part# P201230-002 (Jumbo 1 1/2 high - 4 digit)
Outdoor Part# P201165-001 (Standard 1 high - 4 digit)
Part# P201167-002 (Jumbo 1 1/2 high - 4 digit)
9. Door Latch: (Lock for door panel to lightbox)
10. Panel Latch (Lock for front-back door panel)
11. Number Sheet:
Backlit Part# K205318-001 (Standard 1 high)
Part# K205436-001 (Jumbo 1 1/2 high)
Magnetic Part# K100330-001 (Standard 1 high)
Part# K100330-002 (Jumbo 1 1/2 high)
12. Lightbox Raceway (Includes core and coil ballast & starters)
9x27   Master Part# K100220-015 Link Part# K100220-012
18x18 Master Part# K100220-004 Link Part# K100220-003
18x27 Master Part# K100220-006 Link Part# K100220-005
27x27 Master Part# K100220-008 Link Part# K100220-007
27x36 Master Part# K100220-010 Link Part# K100220-011
13. Core Ballast (Used in lightboxes w/starters - 1 ballast needed per lightbulb)
Part# L501006-001
14. Starter (One starter needed per lightbulb)
Part# L503001-001

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