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Menus for Success is an Authorized Distributor for Mainstreet Menu Systems, and a Registered Defense Logistics Contractor.

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Mainstreet By Design is our custom-build department. The ENVISION system below is one example of a custom system by MBD.

Envision is available with "D" size 18" x 27" (457mm x 686mm) lightboxes. Each module includes a lightbox with complete door panel package, trim surround with graphic and all mounting hardware and clean covers.

Trim Surround Shapes
Choose a trim shape or mix and match multiples shapes:

Cleat Covers
Cleat covers hide the wall mounting cleat between lightboxes. Choose from a variety of colors or match the trim surround graphic. Color choices include: burgundy, blue, red, dark green, purple, mauve, light green, orange, yellow, grey, teal, light metallic chrome, metallic brass, black granite, burgundy granite, white marble, jade granite.

Accent Lug-ons
Accent lug-ons add a personal touch. Choose the shape, color and copy you prefer. Lug-ons are available as an option for an additional charge:


Trim Surround Graphics
Choose the background graphic for the trim surround from the "Select" backgrounds (see Parts & Translites)


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